“I’ll eventually like kids when they’re older”

a dailyBred collection by Mike Doyle

One day I was sitting at Poole’s Diner in Raleigh, NC eating brunch and decided to sketch a random frustration I had. I took a photo, uploaded it to my Instagram and have repeated this every day since then. I currently have over 200 drawings and decided to take my favorite ones and make a book. These are all things that I think about on a daily basis. Welcome to my head.

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Quality, quantity, variety

Who can't relate to many of these drawings and observations? Very fun to flip through, and the book makes for a great gift.

โ€“John Davison

If Seinfeld Had A Daily Instagram Comic, It Might Be This

Still great even if youโ€™re a parent who loves your kids. Hilarity and relatable life observations. Come to think of it, if Seinfeld had a daily Instagram comic, it might be this.

โ€“Todd Giannattasio

Genius, relatable, and funny. BUY THIS FOR YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE. NOW.

One-of-a-kind comics that are witty, brilliant, and hilarious. Grab a copy for your coffee table to entertain your guests or send them to your friend who needs a pick-me up ๐Ÿ™‚

โ€“Rebecca Holmes

OR you can purchase the FULL Digital Copy for $12ย $3


About the Author

Mike Doyle moved to Raleigh, NC after selling everything and traveling the US in 2015. When he's not sketching random thoughts he's running a podcast about the NJ Punk Scene from the late 90s to early 2000s. He also owns an animation company and still writes and records music from time to time. His dream is to one day own a ton of high-end log cabins all over the world.

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