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The Power of 2D Animation Videos in Marketing

August 19, 2018

A variety of different types of animation, varying in complexity, are used in marketing today.

A variety of different types of animation, varying in complexity, are used in marketing today. In this post, however, we’re going to explore why and how 2D animation—more commonly associated with children’s television than corporate America—is an effective marketing tool. Consider the following factors:


Ability to Capture and Keep Attention

2D animation, like other forms of animation, is eye-catching. Motion excites the human eye and makes content more interesting. This ability to capture the viewer’s attention translates into improved search engine optimization (SEO), higher site traffic, and increased brand awareness.


Ease of Communication

Animating information allows it to be communicated more easily, to a broader group of audiences. Roughly 65% of the world’s population is visual learners; therefore, when information is presented in a visual format, most of the earth understands it faster and more easily. Why wouldn’t companies want to reach the majority of consumers?


Deeper Engagement

In 2D animation, graphics, voice-over, and text are combined to stimulate different parts of the brain. This results in a multi-sensory experience that causes the viewer to process and comprehend information more efficiently and on a deeper level. Information proves more memorable and therefore, stays with consumers longer. This ultimately gives businesses that use animated videos an advantage over their competitors.


The Affordability of 2D Animation Videos in Marketing

Most 2D animation videos have a shorter production time and therefore, are less costly. They are also easy to edit and update for future use, meaning companies can avoid having to make an entirely new video from scratch.


The Shareability of 2D Animation Videos in Marketing

Video is one of the most popular mediums for people to send and receive information. People share content they find interesting. Combining the popularity of video with the interest of animated content, companies should capitalize on this medium to optimize shareable information.


Need more proof? Check out these Medical Animation Videos to see how well they explain complicated medical issues.

Mike Doyle, Video Animator

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