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Telecloud Case Study

“It led to a better meeting because he understood what we did and a new client/sale.”

–Damon Finaldi, President & Owner TeleCloud VoIP System


TeleCloud was introduced by Tele-Data Systems back in 2013 to compete in the VoIP space. They had a great product, and a great team, but were struggling to provide their value proposition to potential clients that gave them an edge over their competition in the cloud-based phone systems space.

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We worked with Damon Finaldi, President of TeleCloud and Vince Finaldi, President of Tele-Data, to create animated video content that would not only show the value of updating their phone system but why THEIR company was the best choice.

Together, we created an ultra effective sales tool that their teams could send to prospects ahead of sales meetings so the customer not only knew more about them but also had a better understanding of the value proposition that TeleCloud provided. By doing so, the customer would have a better understanding about the product offering and value that TeleCloud brought to the table.

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Customers who had watched the video found it to be a creative, and informative, way of introducing the company to them before sitting down at the table together. This provided Damon, Vince and their sales team with better meetings and shortened sales cycles as well.

They continue to use this content, and others that we’ve created, to achieve these goals and drive sales.