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4 Step Process.

Your work day is busy enough without having to spend a ton of time on a new project. This is why we have created a simple 4 STEP PROCESS to ease that pain for our clients. All we ask is that you spend a few minutes here and there to review what we have done and give us some feedback. That’s it!

Step 1 - Initial Design (2 Revision Rounds)

Before designing the full storyboard, we need to establish that we’re visually taking it in the right direction. The last thing we want to do is design a 60-page storyboard and find out that you hate the main character.

We’ll come up with 3-5 screens to show you the color scheme, character and background design so you can see where we plan on taking the full design.

Step 2 - Full Storyboard (2 Revision Rounds)

This is where we design what the entire animation will look like before making it move.

We will get on a call and walk you through each screen so we can answer any questions you might have. Once this step is signed off, you will know 100% what your animation will look like.


Step 3 - Voice Over Selection (2 Revision Rounds)

Now we need a voice to guide your viewer through the animation.

You’ll hear 2 Voice Over actors reading a few lines of the script. From there you can let us know which person you want to be the voice of your video.

If you don’t like either option, we’ll send 2 more.


Step 4 - Animation (2 Revision Rounds)

Finally, we take the storyboard and make it move. At this point, you know exactly what will be said, what it will sound like, and how it will look. We take all of that and bring it to life with movement, sound effects and music.

Once you love it, we send the final video file and teach you best practices to market with your animation.

Mike Doyle, Video Animator

Frustrated that people don't "get" how your company helps them?

Since 2011, drive 80 studios has created over 1000 animations that simplify complex messages in a fun and memorable way.

Make this the year everyone clearly understands what you do, in less than 60-seconds.

~Mike Doyle, Owner 

Since 2011, we've created Animated Explainer Videos for awesome companies.