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Pay an Animator to Create Your Video (Seriously)

September 4, 2018

Cost is almost always one of the most important factors when businesses consider video production.

Frequently, they assume (wrongly) that the best way to leverage their video production budget is to create as many lower-cost videos as possible; however, they are sacrificing quality for quantity when they adopt this strategy.

While there are many factors that affect the cost of video production, the solution isn’t to create more low-quality content. Instead, companies should allocate money to spend on the production of fewer, yet more effective, high-quality animated videos. Investing in quality can create content that retains its value while creating return on investment for companies.


Quality over Quantity

The sheer amount of content that is generated and consumed by people every day makes it increasingly difficult to make a lasting impression. This knowledge might cause some to wonder if it’s even worth it to pay an animator to create their video—but it is worth it, provided the content is high-quality. A well-executed animated video can communicate so much more than text or pictures. With ever-shortening attention spans, video is often the preferred medium for individuals to get their information—making it as valuable and relevant as ever, to businesses and marketers.

Studies have found that more and more consumers and decision-makers at B2B companies are watching video content, which in turn drives purchasing behavior. A survey from Wyzowl found that 79% of consumers prefer to learn about a product through video rather than text. And 84% of consumers have been convinced to purchase a product after watching a video. So, what’s the bottom line? Businesses should see a return on investment that will offset their video production costs.

Furthermore, high-quality animated videos go a long way in establishing positive brand identity and preserving consumer loyalty. A recent study conducted by Brightcove found that low-quality video has a negative impact on branding: 62% of consumers have a negative perception of a brand after experiencing a poor-quality video; 60% no longer want to engage with the brand, and 23% hesitate to make a purchase. Here’s the main takeaway: A cheap video will make your brand seem cheap.


It cannot be emphasized enough:

Quality over quantity reigns supreme — especially when it comes to developing original content. The most impactful videos are founded upon authentic stories and content. Whether companies hire someone to produce an animated explainer, a branded short doc, or news piece, every video should tell a unique story. And these stories should have interesting visuals, characters, personality, and voice. This often requires a higher production budget; however, if the video results in increased conversion rates, then it can pay for itself in a few months.

Studies have also shown that when businesses include a video on their landing page, they can increase their conversion rates by 80%. And in email marketing, videos can boost open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%. Ultimately, animated videos not only boost conversion rates, but also increase customer engagement and acquisition, as well as brand awareness. So, should you pay an animator to create your video? Yes. Yes, you should.

Mike Doyle, Video Animator

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