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Marketing Videos: Three Content Strategies for Mega Impact

May 7, 2018

The realm of marketing is saturated with video content.

Marketers have to find ways to set themselves apart from the competition and appeal to consumers. The following three marketing videos contain strategies that are designed to maximize return on investment (ROI), capture the attention span of audiences, and ultimately facilitate engagement and growth.

Video Killed the Radio Star

At the moment and for the foreseeable future, consumers prefer video above all other advertising mediums right now. Video consumption is on the rise, while text consumption is on the decline—a trend that is primarily attributable to shorter attention spans and mobile device usage. In 2017, online video accounted for 74% of all online traffic. Consumers want content that is mobile-optimized, well organized, and easily discoverable. The bottom line: Video optimized for mobile is much easier to consume on a smartphone than text.

Furthermore, buyers also want content that provides relevant follow-up content. Short, digestible pieces of information are ideal—56% of videos created by businesses today are two minutes or less. Why? Because 53% percent of videos that are 90 seconds or less are watched to completion. Any longer than that and consumers grow bored. So what’s the solution?

Converting existing text content and creating marketing videos isn’t the painstaking task it used to be. Consumers today prefer authentic, useful information rather than high-production gloss. It’s about connecting to the consumer and telling a narrative that resonates. Producing original as opposed to high-dollar content removes barriers related to cost and production time, allowing companies to easily expand their video asset libraries. The payoff? A whopping 76% of small businesses say they can measure marked results from their video content.

Coming at You Live: Marketing Videos and Live Streaming

Live streaming continues to grow in popularity and evolve in terms of the platforms that support it and how it is consumed but the bottom line is this: It’s important enough to hire at least one employee dedicated to managing and producing content. 63% of people ages 18-34 watch live streaming content regularly. If that’s not convincing enough, video streaming is projected to more than double in growth by 2021, growing to a more than $70 billion industry. Understanding the degree of live stream consumption and its considerable reach, it’s important to develop a strategic plan for live stream video implementation. While it’s intended to convey immediacy and spontaneity, the reality is that even live stream marketing video content should be developed and distributed based on when and where it can have the greatest impact on target audiences.   

Making Email Personal: One-to-One Video Marketing

Communication is part of the daily routine…but it’s important to step back and assess how effective various mediums of communication are and if we are using the correct channels to convey specific messaging. For example, face-to-face meetings aren’t scalable and aren’t always feasible. A phone call can often pose as an interruption. Email isn’t intrusive but it can lack emotion and that personal touch. But include a one-to-one video with that email and it’s a whole different ball game.  Create personalized videos to send updates, messages of support, and more. They can be used internally among staff or sent to customers. These videos are genuine, thoughtful, relevant, and almost always well received. Far fewer individuals unsubscribe from email lists when they are sent a video. It’s easy to create a schedule to publish these videos and capitalize on timing and messaging in these marketing videos; for example, sales representatives, as part of their lead follow-up communication plan, can have a series of planned, one-to-one video messages. These personalized videos are sent to prospective clients or opt-in customers.

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