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Marketing Using Animation: Four Ways to Integrate Explainer Videos into Marketing Campaigns

June 7, 2018

An animated explainer video is possibly the greatest marketing asset a company or business can utilize to create added value from a promotional and branding standpoint.

It’s not just an animated video that explains products and/or services; it’s an audiovisual tool that can be used to create a recognizable identity, representing and reinforcing branding across the web in a similar (yet arguably more effective) way to logos and websites. Remember, attention spans are getting shorter which means that static images and copy no longer have the same impact. Animated explainer videos are a great way to engage and keep the attention of target audiences. Recognizing the value that explainer videos can add to marketing campaigns, once companies and businesses have produced them, how do they integrate them into their existing marketing efforts?


1. Develop messaging that translates to audiences. Literally.

Effective explainer videos aren’t just about creating messages that resonate with a target audience. It’s starts with speaking their language. It defeats the purpose of an explainer video if the audience can’t understand what it’s saying. Of course, it’s important to consider the age, race, gender, habits, and geographical location of target demographics but the foundation of messaging starts with bridging the language gap. Making a video in the same language and even the same accent, will appeal directly to target audiences.


2. Align different calls-to-action with different goals.

Calls-to-action prompt viewers to take action based on the messaging a company develops to ultimately achieve specific marketing goals. Examples of calls-to-action include prompts for viewers to take a free trial; subscribe for newsletters, tutorials, memberships, special offers/promotions; request a quote; leave a review; and more. Each call-to-action varies based on the type of company/business and individual marketing goals.

Using specific calls-to-action in multiple versions of the same explainer video can not only enhance audience response but also be used to gauge the effectiveness of general messaging on smaller test markets. For example, with translated videos, the cost of creating each new version is relatively low, as only secondary changes are required.  

3. Use explainer video identity as social media branding.

It’s vital for companies and businesses to create one cohesive aesthetic for all media channels. Some have social media accounts but they don’t reflect the overall branding. Without a cohesive aesthetic, branding identity becomes fragmented, messaging is less impactful, and audiences become confused. Having a visual identity that’s recognizable across different social media platforms creates consistent brand awareness throughout the digital world, which translates to brand awareness among customers.

Utilizing animated marketing videos can help to grow and reinforce brand awareness through the application of colors consistent with branded logos, repetition of messaging and ad slogans, and use of visual design and characters to represent a brand across all social networks. In turn, this can earn trust and confidence from consumers in a company and their brand.


4. Use explainer videos creatively.

Marketing videos shouldn’t be relegated to living on homepages or landing pages. To leverage their effectiveness, they should be shared widely and creatively. Most social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) offer video promotion services that help to distribute marketing videos to a wider audience. Animated explainer videos also have a great impact when used on blogs, in newsletters, or are incorporated into guest blog posts/articles.

Mike Doyle, Video Animator

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