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NewHire Explainer Animation

“Drive 80 Studio is terrific to work with! From the start of the project to the final product the Drive 80 team delivered, as promised, at each milestone.

Beginning with their contract, Drive 80 set up a step-by-step process for partnering with us to create a short, engaging and lively video explaining NewHire. I’m not sure if I was more surprised or pleased to discover that the process they implement is very similar to the process we use when we provide recruiting services.

Their contract clearly outlined the process, and the number of revisions included at each step. As we moved forward together, I felt that they listened to my concerns, and acted on each one, providing feedback and suggesting alternatives. Since I know little about design and less about animated video, I valued their expertise and felt that they offered suggestions (and push-back) thoughtfully. They were able to take my comments and questions and translate them into concrete changes.

At each milestone we had a phone meeting, and the next steps were clearly stated as well as the time frame for receiving the next deliverable. When I received the final product I was happy with the result! And then I got a surprise, they were available to address some technical issues as we got the video up and running on youtube.com and on our website.

I look forward to a continued relationship with Drive 80 Studios as we work together in the future. Check out the video – I’m betting you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.”

Leora Baumgarten

VP & Partner, NewHire

Since 2011, we've created Animated Explainer Videos for awesome companies.