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CUMAC Explainer Animation

After seeing the video drive80 and Mike Doyle did for The Alternative Board, I knew I had to use his talents as well. As part of a big ’80s Night charity concert for CUMAC (pronounced Koo-Mack), one of New Jersey’s most pivotal food banks, my neat company, YouChoose, and CUMAC had Mike develop a 2 1/2 minute video that explained CUMAC’s mission in a unique way that would keep eyeballs on whatever screen they were watching. From script to storyboards to a perfect voiceover, Mike got the job done. Views are up. Branding has grown. And CUMAC continues to fight the good fight with one extra tool in its bucket. Or chest. Box? Whatever you put tools in, CUMAC metaphorically has this video there. Thanks, Mike Doyle!

David Philp

Consultant, CUMAC

Since 2011, we've created Animated Explainer Videos for awesome companies.