Since 2011, we've created Animated Explainer Videos for awesome companies.


"I went on vacation a few weeks ago and totally shut down from work. Before I left I queued up some of these videos to publish while I was gone.

Once I got back one of my clients asked me why I didn't take time off of work while is on vacation. I told him that we never stop working in service of our clients. These animations made it look like I was hustling when I was really relaxing on the beach and deep sea fishing."

Kevin Oldham

Founder, Diffactory

"As an agency, we really wanted to disrupt people's social media feeds with attractive, easy to understand animated messages. Images and text just don't do it justice and when Drive80 launched their video animation subscription model we were over the moon. The videos in the package were perfect for our target audience giving great advice for building websites, and online marketing.

"The numbers don't lie, tweets and other social engagement for those posts out did everything else. What I love about this, is we get targeted messages for an affordable price, that provide amazing value to our audience. Oh, and we look like we are investing £1000s in custom animation"

Lee Jackson

Founder, Angled Crown

"After 2 months of using them, it allowed me to have a MONSTER December. In addition to the projects I completed this month, I landed five new clients."

Clay Mosely

Founder, Rock City Digital