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Animated Videos Save Lives through Education

October 9, 2018

Animated explainer videos use storytelling and brain science to express complicated ideas in a straightforward and memorable way.

Video can also be quickly and easily shared, making it an ideal medium for public health organizations and news outlets to distribute vital information that can save the lives of viewers.

How Do Animated Explainer Videos Work?

The same elements that make animated explainer videos successful for businesses can be applied to education. Studies have demonstrated that stimulating the auditory and visual senses can lead to high retention of new information. This is because video provides two different channels for data to make its way to the brain. One study found that when an individual simply hears information, he/she ultimately recalls less than 50 percent of the material presented to them. With the addition of visuals, this number shoots up to 80 percent. Another study found that information geared to stimulate the visual and auditory senses created an increased retention rate of 75 percent overall.

How Can Explainer Video Be Used to Educate the Public?

News Outlets 
  • No matter what kind of news the media is attempting to distribute, an animated video is a perfect solution for garnering interest quickly and effectively. This is of particular importance when news outlets are trying to make the public aware of, or prepare for things like natural disasters or terrorist attacks. A prime example is animation used by The Weather channel to demonstrate projected flooding caused by Hurricane Florence. Click here to view.
Public Health Organizations
  •  When organizations need to inform the general public about health initiatives, an explainer video is an easy way to get their message across and keep audiences engaged. An explainer video can be embedded on a website, included in a presentation, or uploaded to a platform like YouTube, where it and is easy for viewers to share and circulate information. Ultimately, this helps to expand reach, educate viewers, and potentially save lives; for example, Health Chronicle has published a series of explainer videos on YouTube geared toward health, fitness, and preventative medicine. Click here to view their video about the health risks related to consuming processed sugar.
  • Explainer videos can be used in the classroom to explain life-saving drills for natural disasters and active shootings.
Employee Training
  • Evacuation, fire, and emergency response drills can be made simpler—especially for manufacturing and chemical plants—by using animated explainer videos that can be distributed company-wide, at multiple locations. Delivering this information in an explainer video can save time, money, and most importantly, lives.

To view our work on medical animation videos, click here. 

Mike Doyle, Video Animator

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