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Drive 80 Studios does this with animation.

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We simplify your story so people quickly understand what you do. Watch the video below to learn more.

Not sure about using animation? No worries.

Our current clients were just like you. Take a look at what they have to say now.

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We are in love with your work and I can't wait to roll this out on our website!

- Shelley Lazarescu, Wiss

Not only did I love the end product, the process was 100% painless and took very little of my time.

- Donna Miller, C3 Worklplace

The Drive 80 team developed 8 videos for EarthColor over the past year and the animations exceeded our expectations by delivering targeted and creative messaging.

- Monica Esqueda, EarthColor


The proof is always in the pudding. Here are examples of our animations.

Click on the icons below to play each video.


Before we dive into it, we'd like to state that we're definitely not the cheapest so if your marketing budget is tight the best we can do is offer you ideas on where to get cheap animations. And that advice is free!

$ - This option is for a 90 second animation. It's our most common project but if you have a few products or services then you might want to check out the next level up which is the $$ option.

$$ - This option is for 3-30 second animations. Basically, we can create 3 animations that are 30 seconds long at the same exact time so we don't break this up into 3 separate projects. The cost is slightly higher due to the extra time we put into research and development but not by much.

One of our favorite clients WISS utilized this method because they couldn't figure out which service to spotlight. You can see what we did for them by CLICKING HERE. This option will get you more bang for your buck because you can get very creative with email campaigns, social media posts, email signatures, etc. The list goes on and on.

$$$ - Wow, now we're talking. It looks like you want to take this to the next level? That's what we like to hear. With this option you're probably interested in doing a full campaign with multiple animations along with the design elements from your animation(s) to utilize in your web and print marketing.

One of our other favorite clients EarthColor utilized this option when they did 9 animations that they placed all over their website.

You can check those out by CLICKING HERE.


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